Wednesday, July 26, 2006


What to do next?

I finished up all the projects I was working on, even some really small pieces that I started a long time ago.
I have a dozen ideas, but can't seem to decide which one will be worth putting the effort into.

I know, those of you artful quilters who have ( made it big) by that I mean those of you who have entered into competitions and won first places and money and machines, and teach on a regular basis, now are saying that you are just going to make art for art's sake
and if it gets into the shows ok, if not, that is o.k. also.

Maybe someday I will feel that way to, but for now when I make a big piece it feels like it must be something that will at least have a chance of getting accepted. There is so much fantastic pieces out there these days.

So, this is my solution------------- I start decorating clothes. This way I get my creative juices going, and it takes only hours instead of weeks or months. And in the meantime I can contemplate WHAT NEXT!
So here is a sampling of what I have been working on!

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Elle said...

I think the big thing is to not give up, and continue to do what you love with your quilting. Everything else will come.