Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Walmart bag

 This bag was made using strips of Walmart bags.  I have been into recycling for some time and this is a good project if you are traveling or watching tv. 
If anybody is interested I will be happy to give instructions, or you can go to utube and you will see lots of videos on the subject. 
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Circle study

 Here is a piece I started some time ago, and finally finished it up.  I was just trying new techniques and have had some decorative paper clips I wanted to try using.  The threadwork was all done on the machine. 
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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Tuesday May 22  Yoga class has been canceled because of our local election being held in the Gym.
Thursday the 24th will be as usual. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


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 I tried to publish 4 pictures but Blogger didn't do it so here is another picture of Luna
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 Life has come back into our house once again.  I found the most beautiful dog by the name of Luna.  She is four years old and truly a sweet soul. 
The black dog is Bagel the Beagle.
He came to us as a puppy and is now 10 years old soon to be 11.
He is the most good natured dog I have ever encountered.  I did a quilt of him quite a few years ago and if I can find it I will republish it. 

Many of you know that we lost our other dog named Sally about a month ago.  She was 13 almost 14 years old and had congestive heart disease.  She never complained and just kept on trying right up until her  last day.  I still miss her so much and always will but but bringing a new dog into the house really makes a difference.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

New Quilt

 Lately I have been experimenting with new techniques.

This small quilt was started by putting Wonder Under on the back of the background pieces and ironing them directly to Hobbs Heirloom cotton batting.  This is what Melody Johnson advocates.  It really makes everything very stable.    The sky is a hand dyed piece and then I designed some sort of funky pine trees.
My idea with this piece was to quilt it with decorative embrodery stitches on my machine and of course straight stitch.  That worked well, but there were certain parts I felt needed to freemotion.  Such as the sky.  So, since this is my quilt and I could do whatever I wanted to do,  I continued to push the limit and used some heavy decorative threads, and then put the yellow piping between the quilt and the border.  It is a little whimical which is what I working towards and I am pleased with the results. 
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