Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Left on Wednesday the 24th and it took us about 4 hours. Boy am I glad I don't live in Nashville. The freeway construction was something else. Luckily, the Opraland Convention center is on the North side so we didn't have to go thru the city.

We had some time to spare so of course we hit the shopping center that was in the same area. I was on the look out for some chandalier earrings that were not for pierced ears. Never have been brave enough to let someone stick something all the way through my ear lobes!!!! Anyway, ran into a gold mine and bought 4 pairs. Great fun.

Then in the evening we went to the award ceremony. I had a quilt in the show last year but did not attend, so was in for a surprise and I guess I thought it would be a little like Houston. No way. They read off nine names of which maybe three were there to accept their awards, and it was evident they were not surprised, so they had been told. Then they had an hour of Eleanor Burns jumping around with chicken hats and promoting her products. They didn't have the winning quilts, or pictures of them and for the people who had come early they had to wait until the next day to see the winners. Am I critical or what? I guess I was just expecting something else.

It was a very good experience to see my quilt hanging with all the other quilts. Funny, I remember my quilt being bigger!!! Lots of vendors- which was great, mostly new products etc, and not as much fabric as in the other shows I have attended. We shopped and gawked most of the day and then headed back to Lexington. I'm glad I went and always enjoy spending time with my friend, but will think hard about going next year!

We are now getting the remnants of the Hurricane that has caused so much distruction. We really needed the rain, as we have had a very dry summer, but boy do I feel sorry for all those people and the distruction the storm has caused.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Off to Nashville

I can't believe I am on to some new technique when I am leaving in the morning. But when the bug hit you if you don't at least get a start it can fly away. So, I am trying some fusing techniques and is it ever fun. Of course the first two pieces I tried to put together on side was down and the other was up, so I gunghed up my iron. Didn't put me off just tried to keep my mind on what I was doing!

As I said I am off to Nashville in the morning. A friend is driving. I have a quilt called Sisters in the show and I am excited to see it hanging. Will take lots of pictures and maybe next week I will get the hang of posting pictures for everybody to see.

Of course right now only two people know I even have a blog, but I am going to announce it at the guild meeting and the art quilt meeting.

Will try and post my impressions of the show on Friday!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tried and failed

I tried to put a picture on my Blog- but it looks like I was not successful. Darn! Guess I will have to ask for help. That picture is off in cyber space somewhere!!!!!!!

In the mean time I finished a jacket and a shirt this morning. Still haven't started quilting my Butterfly Quilt. I sort of have to work up to free motion quilting. It is always a period of weeks or months between quilts so it is a little like starting all over again.

Anyway, this is my 5th posting so should be able to get on the ring web this coming week. It will be nice to be in a group that likes to do the same things I do. In my local guild there are hardly anyone that likes to experiment. I started a small separate group about a year ago. We just meet once a month, but at least it gets them thinking of possibilities. Actually several of them are really talented. So, it has been worth the effort.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Ready to Quilt

Feeling much better today after my visit to the dentist.

So, I am ready to quilt my Butterfly quilt. Spent the last couple of days with it up on the wall all pinned and now comes the decisions as to how to quilt it. I have to do some errands this morning but it will be in my mind, and of course I will do some things that I did on my last quilt since they both have black backgrounds.

This is my 4th post, so will be able to get on the ring site soon.

Hope to spend some time this weekend figuring out how to post some pictures.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I am going to have to have a tooth pulled tomorrow, so don't think I will get my 5 posts done this week.

In anticipation I have started putting the backing and batting together for the quilt I just finished. Here is a hint if you have trouble having enough room to baste a big quilt. I put mine up on a wall with masking tape. Works everytime and everything is really smooth. I even square my quilts by putting them up on the wall. Give it a try!

Hopefully I will feel ok to get back to this Saturday. Thanks for visiting me Melody!

Monday, August 15, 2005


I have been trying for several years to get a quilt in the Houston show, and finally I have suceeded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the envelope arrived I felt to see if there were slides in it, which meant I hadn't gotten in. So, my heart was pounding when I ripped open the envelope. Now I just have to get all the forms filled out, a label on the quilt and find a box it will fit it. Rejection is really hard to deal with. Having lived in Houston for several years I love to go for a visit and do the show and meet with old friends. So, now the big decision!! Do I go or not? It is really hard to find a hotel room at this late date, or I could stay with friends, but hate to impose!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway. I am going to Nashville in about 10 days. Have never been there and Yikes, I got a quilt accepted there also. This must be my lucky year. I must say those rejection slips really pushed me to improve the quality of my work, and also to strive for a look that wasn't being done. When I learn how to post some pictures I will get them on here for the world to see. ( if anybody ever finds my blog. ) Must pass the word around!

Ok this is my second blog and have a few more to do before I can join the Ring group. Went thru the whole process yesterday but then discovered I had to have I think five posts. So, will try and write each day this week.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

First Blog

I am so excited to have my own blog, but will have to spend some time getting used to the technicalities. Like getting pictures posted. Should be fun!

Hope some of you come and visit me!