Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Off to Nashville

I can't believe I am on to some new technique when I am leaving in the morning. But when the bug hit you if you don't at least get a start it can fly away. So, I am trying some fusing techniques and is it ever fun. Of course the first two pieces I tried to put together on side was down and the other was up, so I gunghed up my iron. Didn't put me off just tried to keep my mind on what I was doing!

As I said I am off to Nashville in the morning. A friend is driving. I have a quilt called Sisters in the show and I am excited to see it hanging. Will take lots of pictures and maybe next week I will get the hang of posting pictures for everybody to see.

Of course right now only two people know I even have a blog, but I am going to announce it at the guild meeting and the art quilt meeting.

Will try and post my impressions of the show on Friday!

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