Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tried and failed

I tried to put a picture on my Blog- but it looks like I was not successful. Darn! Guess I will have to ask for help. That picture is off in cyber space somewhere!!!!!!!

In the mean time I finished a jacket and a shirt this morning. Still haven't started quilting my Butterfly Quilt. I sort of have to work up to free motion quilting. It is always a period of weeks or months between quilts so it is a little like starting all over again.

Anyway, this is my 5th posting so should be able to get on the ring web this coming week. It will be nice to be in a group that likes to do the same things I do. In my local guild there are hardly anyone that likes to experiment. I started a small separate group about a year ago. We just meet once a month, but at least it gets them thinking of possibilities. Actually several of them are really talented. So, it has been worth the effort.

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