Monday, August 15, 2005


I have been trying for several years to get a quilt in the Houston show, and finally I have suceeded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the envelope arrived I felt to see if there were slides in it, which meant I hadn't gotten in. So, my heart was pounding when I ripped open the envelope. Now I just have to get all the forms filled out, a label on the quilt and find a box it will fit it. Rejection is really hard to deal with. Having lived in Houston for several years I love to go for a visit and do the show and meet with old friends. So, now the big decision!! Do I go or not? It is really hard to find a hotel room at this late date, or I could stay with friends, but hate to impose!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway. I am going to Nashville in about 10 days. Have never been there and Yikes, I got a quilt accepted there also. This must be my lucky year. I must say those rejection slips really pushed me to improve the quality of my work, and also to strive for a look that wasn't being done. When I learn how to post some pictures I will get them on here for the world to see. ( if anybody ever finds my blog. ) Must pass the word around!

Ok this is my second blog and have a few more to do before I can join the Ring group. Went thru the whole process yesterday but then discovered I had to have I think five posts. So, will try and write each day this week.

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