Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Left on Wednesday the 24th and it took us about 4 hours. Boy am I glad I don't live in Nashville. The freeway construction was something else. Luckily, the Opraland Convention center is on the North side so we didn't have to go thru the city.

We had some time to spare so of course we hit the shopping center that was in the same area. I was on the look out for some chandalier earrings that were not for pierced ears. Never have been brave enough to let someone stick something all the way through my ear lobes!!!! Anyway, ran into a gold mine and bought 4 pairs. Great fun.

Then in the evening we went to the award ceremony. I had a quilt in the show last year but did not attend, so was in for a surprise and I guess I thought it would be a little like Houston. No way. They read off nine names of which maybe three were there to accept their awards, and it was evident they were not surprised, so they had been told. Then they had an hour of Eleanor Burns jumping around with chicken hats and promoting her products. They didn't have the winning quilts, or pictures of them and for the people who had come early they had to wait until the next day to see the winners. Am I critical or what? I guess I was just expecting something else.

It was a very good experience to see my quilt hanging with all the other quilts. Funny, I remember my quilt being bigger!!! Lots of vendors- which was great, mostly new products etc, and not as much fabric as in the other shows I have attended. We shopped and gawked most of the day and then headed back to Lexington. I'm glad I went and always enjoy spending time with my friend, but will think hard about going next year!

We are now getting the remnants of the Hurricane that has caused so much distruction. We really needed the rain, as we have had a very dry summer, but boy do I feel sorry for all those people and the distruction the storm has caused.

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