Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This was a second similar piece. I simply made some improvements on the inside. Posted by Picasa
This was also hand dyed at an angle and them stenciled with butterflies and bees. Posted by Picasa
This tee shirt was dyed first at an angle, then I stenciled the design and also added some crystals.  Posted by Picasa
This purse started out with a piece navy fabric, I then stenciled it with copper fabric paint.  Posted by Picasa


What to do next?

I finished up all the projects I was working on, even some really small pieces that I started a long time ago.
I have a dozen ideas, but can't seem to decide which one will be worth putting the effort into.

I know, those of you artful quilters who have ( made it big) by that I mean those of you who have entered into competitions and won first places and money and machines, and teach on a regular basis, now are saying that you are just going to make art for art's sake
and if it gets into the shows ok, if not, that is o.k. also.

Maybe someday I will feel that way to, but for now when I make a big piece it feels like it must be something that will at least have a chance of getting accepted. There is so much fantastic pieces out there these days.

So, this is my solution------------- I start decorating clothes. This way I get my creative juices going, and it takes only hours instead of weeks or months. And in the meantime I can contemplate WHAT NEXT!
So here is a sampling of what I have been working on!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

This is the finished project from a class I took at Get-Away last month. I really learned a lot and plan to do more.The shading is all done with threadwork. I really think it is good to take classes along the way. There is always something new and just being in class with other students helps to get the creative juices going. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 03, 2006

This is my latest quilt. I have been trying to put more depth into my quilts, and this is a picture my husband took on a trip to Italy many years ago.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 02, 2006

This is my latest piece, finally finished. It was inspired by a picture that my husband took on a trip to Italy. I have been trying to get more depth into my quilts this year, and this is a pretty good start. It was done by fusing each piece on, but when I started to sew on the top some of the pieces started to come up. So, I wound up doing an applique stitch around each piece.  Posted by Picasa
This is the Challange quilt. We were suppost to choose a song and then make a quilt symbolizing it. Mine is Starry Starry night, written about the artist Van Gough and the version I love is sung by Josh Groban. The moon was done in a mosiac style and the stars were outlined with threads by hand.  Posted by Picasa
This is a close up of my Challenge quilt. The middle star has the challenge fabric which was black and white, only I dyed it. It has little musical notes on it.  Posted by Picasa