Sunday, September 17, 2006

Silk Painting Class

I am taking a Silk painting class at the University of Kentucky. Interesting experience being in a class with so many young students. We are now paired up so we can share some of the equipment, and I am with a young man that is Korean and doesn't speak all that much english. I think he understands but is shy about expressing himself. Should be a lot of fun to get to get to know him.

Next week we have a visiting artist by the name of Bob Adams. He is an art quilter and has had pieces in Quilt National for the last 3 shows. He is going to be teaching Shabori and Discharge, all of which I have played with a little. He also is going to Critique the students in our class. Of course I chose to, and think it will be a wonderful opportunity.

We drew 12 sketches, and from those we had to choose three for projects to be completed this semester. You can see the ones I chose and I will post pictures as they are completed. One of them will have 72 different colors it it. That I can't wait to see!


Karoda said...

Sheril, the class sounds awesome...there is a silk painting class here at Bellarmine that I'm thinking of taking, (just not sure right now, ugggh! timing isn't good but just hate to pass on these type of things in the area, ya know?!)...Does Bob Adams live in KY? Where will he be teaching the Shibori/Discharge?

Sande said...

I hope you enjoy your class. I do a bit of silk painting and it is very cool! I just wish I had more room to spread's challenging doing it in my kitchen!
Your sketches look like good subjects.