Saturday, January 13, 2007

No Pictures@@@@@@@@@@

Woe is me!! Now that my computer is finally fixed I am having problems figuring out how to down my pictures again. Just wanted to post a sneak preview of my new quilt, but guess I will have to wait until I can find the file where the pictures are downloaded.

In the mean time I have not done any quilting since before Christmas. Strange thing for me as I almost have another quilt in the works or at least in the head before I finish one. This time I started making Christmas cards and just like quilts one thing led to another and I am still working in paper. Actually there isn't too much difference. I make fabric and I also make paper. Not from scratch but I take white card stock and spray it with paint, and from there either stencil or stamp them to make them unique. I will take some pictures and try and post them tomorrow.

OK here is what I have really been up to for the last few weeks. Has anyone heard of Zumba classes. It is a type of Latin American aerobics. Well, I have been doing Yoga now for about a year and thought I was in pretty good shape, but let me tell you Zumba is quite a workout. The best part is that it is so much fun, and you really get to turn loose and shake the hips and boobs. So, ask around and see if you can find a class in your neighborhood.

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Karoda said...

oh my! if i shake my boobs i'll hurt myself! hehehehe...sounds you're having fun!