Saturday, October 25, 2008

Remembering Barbara

I have an interesting story to pass on to all of you!

Someone has tried to make a copy of Remembering Barbaro, and wouldn't you guess it, it has wound up in a shop by the name of Artique, here in Lexington, Ky.

A friend saw it as it was being hung, and thought it was one of my quilts. Then she remembered that Barbaro was hanging downtown at the library. I was told it is some lady by the name of Martha Bearles and she lives in Florida and they are asking $1200.00 for it.

So, I went to the store manager, and she seemed very unconcerned. I then consulted with an attorney, and he said that even through the quilt does not have a copy right, I still have certain rights over the Stained glass applique technique. Therefore, I have written the owners a letter and ask that they take the quilt down, and not represent her if she uses my technique. We will see what happens.

As a result of this instance, our guild is going to have a lawyer speak on this matter in one of our upcoming meetings. I know we all use each others ideas, but where do we draw the line ? Interesting topic and I will pass on whatever information I gather from the meeting.

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Quilty Conscience said...

What ever came of this story? I am curious to know..