Thursday, February 12, 2009

Martha Stewart

I have been home the last week with a terrible cold, and haven't really felt much like doing anything. However, I just couldn't resist doing some things in small spirts. After 6 days of enjoying my own company I was really ready for something positive to happen.

As many of you know I am an animal advocate. I am especially passionate about dogs. Thus, I make a lot of dog quilts for myself, I teach a class called Stained Glass Applique, and I make commission pieces of animals for other people. Well awhile back when Martha Stewart Chow passed away I decided to make a quilt to remember him by. I found a picture on her web site, and proceeded to do the below quilt. At that point I really didn't know what I would do with the quilt. It layed on the bed in my spare bedroom for several months. Then a week or so ago I decided that since she did such good work on the behalf of animals I was going to send it to her as a gift. This I did, and on Tues of this week I got a call from Martha's personal assistant, saying how much she loved it. She said that when Martha opened it she cried. Well, after having such a hard week I must say that really lifted my spirits.

So I am sharing him with you . Gone but not forgotten!
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Jackie said...

What a kind and thoughtful thing to do! Following your heart always takes you to the right place.

Beautiful quilt!