Sunday, August 09, 2009


Last night I went to see Julia & Julia and afterwards I began to ask myself (WHY)
Just in case you haven't heard about the movie, it is about a young girl that starts a blog, and cooks her way thru Julia Childs cookbook she wrote while living in Paris. It is a split story flipping back and forth between the two women.

I guess we all need something that lends itself to our natural talents, and feels satisfying when it is concluded. But why do we continue to quilt even though we have more quilts than we can ever possibly show or sell?
When I get ready to start a new quilt, and I am going thru the process, trying to decide what to do next, I find it a very disconcerning time. I have no problem coming up with ideas but my problem is narrowing them down to one, or perhaps two ideas and then deciding which one I want to spend the next few weeks or months working on. Sometimes I don't sleep very well, and my mind is not always on the subject it should be on. I work very hard to get past this point because I know when I have finally decided which direction to go in, the excitement will finally set it! That is a great feeling!!! So, that is what I am striving for, that and the moment when I can show it finished to my piers. That sort of validates the time I spent putting it together.

So, where am I going with all this? Nowhere, I think I just wanted to get my thoughts down on paper and in doing that, sort out those feelings in my own mind. If along the way someone reads this and feels like I do, perhaps it can help to validate your feelings also.

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Beena said...

I've always been an "art for art's sake" type person. I think that we creative people are like channels for art needing to take on yearning to be expressed through us and our own unique visions of things. There may not be a direct purpose for art or quilts at all times...but that doesn't mean they aren't of any value. Sometimes "art for art's sake" is enough of a reason to create, and to enjoy the process without wondering about an outcome or without the need to justify it by a particular planned use in the end.