Friday, December 09, 2005


Every time I see someone demo a new technique I always have to try it in a small version. So, I saw Esterita Austin demonstrating her techniques on Simply Quilts, and she even offered a pattern on the HGTV site. Well, what fun. Her techniques simply enhance the way I do my quilts. So, I will encorporate some of the things she does and that will simplify my technique.

Ever since I finished my last big quilt I have been playing and searching. Flooded with ideas, but ones that I haven't been able to single out and persue. So, I decided to take my own advice, and scheduled a planning session for our Art Quilt group that meets once a month. We brought lots of magazines and used a paper frame to go thru the magazines and make lots of tracings to record all the ideas that we came up with.
It was so much fun as many of the ladies had never heard of using this technique, and just didn't know how to get those abstract ideas out of their head and on to paper. Next month I will take my overhead projector so that if needed we can enlarge whatever idea we settle on. At least it is a start and we will all end up with a very small quilt to show, in three months. There really isn't anything new in the quilting world. It just depends on how you interpret an idea!

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