Saturday, November 26, 2005


It was 13 degrees night before last, and only in the 30ies during the day. So, I have just sequestered myself and got quite a bit of work done. One exception!!! my early morning trip to JoAnne to buy some batiks at 50% off. Well, that was a mistake. After waiting in the cutting line for about 15 to 20 minutes I decided the extra 20% was not worth an hour or so wait and left, and went back in the afternoon and got what I wanted without the long wait. I just used my 10% card from the American Quilt Society, and still felt like I got a real bargan.

Today, I am going to make a trip to Hancocks as they have all quilting fabric on sale also for 50% off. Am I a FABRICHOLIC or what? Like I really need fabric. I just need more room to put it!!!!!!!!! Fabric is the only thing I would brave the cold for, except maybe food if I was really starving.

I am going to make a Resolution for the upcoming year. That is to really work on the quality of my quilting. My guess is it just takes more practice. I do pretty well, but when I get a big quilt under the machine no matter how careful I am, the weight will shift from time to time and the quilting stitch gets off until I can stop and readjust. I also am going to make a RESOLUTION to be more patient. If I am working on a big piece, I get in a hurry to finish and think I am not as precise as I was when the excitement of starting a piece drives you. Anybody have the same problems?

I Hope to have some new pictures to post soon. I need to figure out another way to print my pictures other than going to Walmart. It is not a place to be from now until Xmas.


Valeri said...

I'm always in a hurry to get things finished. The image is so clear in my head that I just want my fingers to keep up with it! It makes for some strange happenings in the piece I'm working on! Grin!

Elle said...

13 degrees? And to think I was complaining about it being 35 here in DC the other day. Yikes.

I agree about the hurry part. At some point I want it done already and feel rushed. I want to learn to curb that too.

Scrapmaker said...

Those big quilts are always hard, especially if you are using a smaller machine. It's hard not to be in a hurry! Jen