Sunday, November 20, 2005

Interesting Week

This week was interesting for me as I attended the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society board meeting on Friday in Louisville. For those of you who are not familiar with Kentucky, it is a little more than an hours drive from Lexington. It was held at a darling quilt shop by the name of Just Friends. Wonderful selection of fabrics and bright and open!

I am just the Postmaster General for the group so I don't usually attend the meetings. However, we are in the midst of planning for Get-Away next June and also for Design Seminar for October of next year. So, I got to be in on the process of selecting Feature Teachers for 07. This year for Get-away is Pepper Cory, and best of all for Design Seminar it is going to be Phil Beaver. I took a class from him a couple of years ago in French Lick, Indiana, and had a wonderful time as well as learned a lot. Actually, I am going to be in charge of Design Seminar so it is going to be great fun to be able to take the class. Even though I have had the class I know I will learn other new things from him because he is a wonderful artist.

So, then yesterday our local guild held our community quilts get-together at the Corner Quilt shop in Lexington. This when we make baby quilts that get donated to various organizations. I was amazed when I walked in because there were about 20 ladies. It looked like a sweat shop with everybody sewing away. Of course the fact that there was chocolates on just about everybodys table dispelled that idea!! It was great fun with everybody exchanging ideas about how to best use the donated fabrics we had to work with. I took a picture of our President, Catherine Monzingo with one of the tops she had just finished piecing. Some ladies worked from 10:oo am untill 4:00 pm. I however just spent about three hours and had to go. It was really fun and I actually learned a new technique. I learned to add boarders after the quilt has been quilted. These ladies have become masters of making due.

I am working on a fused quilt at the moment and find this process fasinating. It does have some drawbacks however, if you want to do anything very big. That is unless you have a huge table where you can lay it out flat. However, if you are like me I usually work on a design wall and you can't fuse with it up on the wall. So, I have had to experiment with some different ways to accomplish what I had in mind when I started this quilt. I'll keep you posted on the progress!

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