Tuesday, November 15, 2005


We had a storm go thru about 4:00am which woke me up, so finally I got up and went to the computer. That was one thing I could do without disturbing everybody.

I stayed in all day yesterday and really concentrated on a quilt I started over the week-end. It is ready to assemble so perhaps that is why I was not able to go back to sleep this morning.

I took pictures of the quit show at the Library, but most of them were too far away to see any detail. However, there were a few in small cases that came out o.k. and I will try and post them this morning.

I was thinking yesterday about how little it takes to get an idea for a quilt. I heard a terrible chattering and looked in my front yard to see hundreds of black birds. Almost on que the group would start to take off making a swirling pattern much like a bargello, then they would land and chatter for a while and then all rise up a few feet and then come down and land again. Not that the feeling I got from the experience will ever turn into a quilt, but the tiny seed was planted and stored away for future use. This is when a sketchbook really is important, as that moment is fleeting and easily put aside. You don't have to be able to draw, just sketch enough to be able to trigger the memory again.

The first small quilt shown is one I made, the second was made by a friend by the name of Cindy Vough.

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