Friday, November 24, 2006


Well, for the moment my computer is working perfectly. Had to reinstall windows! I spent hours on the phone with Microsoft, dispite that fact that they were very nice, they just could not seem to solve the problem. So, I am a little limited as we had to reinstall almost all my programs. So, hopefully in a few days I will be back to normal.

I really felt out of touch, not being able to surf the artful quilters. Also, I was anxious to see the quilts that won in Houston. They were wonderful, but it seemed more traditional than last year.

I have been working every extra second on my entry for Paducah. I am done quilting but must square it up and find suitable binding. It is a big one! 88" by 81 " for the moment. I don't know how much I will chop off when I square it up.

It is good to be back, and I am now going to try and access my pictures and post at least a few.

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juryizout said...

Glad you're back! Post a pic of the Paducah entry when you get a chance.