Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sally and Bagel

Let me intoduce you to my babies. The dark Beagle is named Bagel, and the brown and white one is named Sally.
They are always together, even when one has to visit the vet, I have to take them both.

Sadly, Sally has congestive heart desease, and it has progressed a lot this last year. She has had a good long life, as she will soon be 12 years old.
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lristaneo said...

They're both beautiful!! My beagle, her name is Bailey, she is almost 12 and recently she lost her hearing. No more chasing bunnies for her, she can't hear me call her back home! Enjoy every minute with your two, beagles are wonderful little creatures!

Sheril Drummond said...

Sally is also getting very hard of hearing. I have never had an older dog before, so each day is a challenge. Thanks for you comment.