Friday, May 27, 2011


Here is another of the quilts that will be shown at the Woodford County Library next month.

This is a quilt I made after taking a class with Diane Hire.
It is a very personal quilt, as under the plain yellow piece that looks like a pocket is a picture of me as a child. Inside one of the dangling pieces is a gadget that plays These are a Few of my Favorite Things, and on the hand at the top is a giant emerald button to signify my engagement and wedding.

At this point in my Quilting career I have decided to put prices on my quilts (at least some of them) and offer them for sale. I will be posting new pictures along with prices. This one is Not For Sale as it is too personal, but the one I posted earlier named Free at Last, is for sale at the price of $450.00.
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