Friday, October 21, 2005

Back to Normal++++++++++

What ever that is? This week has been taxing as my husband went to visit his family and I had to take over the responsibilities in the business for him.

However, he is back home now and I can take the time to think about my quilting again.

I am working on a sample for a class I will teach in June of next year, and once that is completed I will start on the new quilt that is next in my mind. In fact I already have the pieces drawn, so it won't be any effort to get started once I find a block of time to contemplate the composition.

Yesterday on Melody Johnsons blog she talked about acceptence of Art Quilts. That really got me to thinking, because although I think of myself as a maker of Art Quilts, but in reality I think I fall somewhere in between. There is this competition between the traditional quilts which prizes perfection in piecing and quilting. These attributes are the standards by which quilts are judged in shows. However, here we are in a whole new realm which have no defined standards, and we are competing with the first set of standards. Very confusing!!! When I was making my Free at Last quilt I was hoping to enter it in a show, and really hesitated when I made the decision to add polka dots with fabric paint. These hand stamped polka dots could not possibly be perfect everytime. So my thought is that it would be interesting to have some feed-back from you (out there) as to whether you think it added to the design of the quilt or if you were judging would they have had a negative impact in counting points towards placing in the show. It did get accepted in the Houston show but did not win a prize. I would appreciate your comments.

So, what is an Art Quilt? I think it is a design that is different than what other quilters are doing, and it should be something that stretches the imagination. How you get to that point has to be different for each quilter. The hardest part is trusting in your instincts.

So if you look back in my blog you will see the picture of my Free at Last quilt and I will look forward to your comments.


jenclair said...

I wish I could tell you how judges might view them, but that probably depends on the show, the particular judges, when they viewed it, how hungry they were...and so on.

The dots caught my interest immediately. Hard to tell what hits first or carries the most impact, but the color, the dots, and the overall graphic nature were initial areas of interest. The dots are essential to my appreciation of the piece, without them the piece would not have the same appeal; they take the piece further somehow. And looking at the piece again, I'm positive. Will be interesting to see if others agree or not.

I also like the way you did the leaves and the fabric in the border.

jenclair said...

Oh, and welcome to the community!

Karoda said...

I don't have a clue about judges and what the various philosophies are about selecting art quilts. I wouldn't have hesitated to submit Free At Last to a show or exhibit though.