Saturday, October 22, 2005


In June of 04 at a Quilting conference I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my right pelvis and three bones in my left foot. As a consequence I was off my feet completely for 6 weeks, and then there was a lot of physical therapy, and it was some time before I was able to start doing any new quilting projects. It took me at least a year to get back to some kind of normal state, and this quilt signifies my freedom to be able to do the things I could do before I fell. I am so lucky!!!
because I didn't have to have any surgeries, and a fall like that could have been soooooo much worse. The other thing that was so wonderful is that you find out how wonderful your friends really are and for all that outpouring of kind acts I will be eternally grateful.

On a happier note, this quilt means a lot to me and I am happy to have the chance to share it with those of you who see it in Houston and on my blog.


Diane said...

Wow! Wow! What a great quilt! And what a colorful, lively celebration of your freedom! I'm glad you're recovered now. (I know how you feel after breaking my kneecap 2 years ago!)

Elle said...

Wow! I am glad to read that you are feeling better and that quilt's gorgeous. What a riot of color!!