Thursday, September 29, 2005


When I first started this Blog, I thought it would be so easy to come up with ideas to share with those of you who chose to visit me. However, it seems like I am posting less and less simply because when I stare at this emply screen sometimes I catch a void. I promised myself to keep this in the quilting realm, so that makes it more difficult.

So today I guess I will share my mini gathering with you. We have 6 in the group. In the beginning everyone was busy quilting on a lot of individual projects. However, after a period of years we all know each other pretty well, and our lives have changed also. One got a divorce and so now has to work full time. Another was seriously ill, but has worked so hard to get back to the point she could manage on her own. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that this group doesn't quilt so often anymore, but thru our quilting we have all gotten close enough that we can spend 2 nights a month, and even if we don't have something to do, the evening will still pass like a flash. For those of us who are seriously involved in quilting it is a great place to test the waters, and get feedback that you know is truthful! Good friends are hard to come by, it doesn't matter how they come, just that they are there.

I haven' figured out yet how to put my e-mail on this site, so if you want to reach me to ask a question or make a comment here it is. I am usually on Surfbest, but I have been having a problem with it so I set up a yahoo account. It is shedrumcs120@ Yahoo .com.
Come visit me!!!

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Welcome to the AQ ring...I'm in blog is Seamless Skin!