Thursday, September 08, 2005


Finally finished the top of my Butterfly quilt, and now comes the quilting. It is a big quilt, and the design of the quilt really dictates how is is quilted. Now the big job arrives. I can not quilt on my machine for more that 45 min without having to give it a break. I had lunch yesterday with a friend that does beautiful machine quilting and I was complaining about the fact that no matter how hard I consentrate, there are still moments that the stitches get smaller or larger because there is pull on the quilt from somewhere. Just do not know how to stop that completely. I guess my attention span is shorter than hers.

I am working on several projects at a time. What is new? I almost always do that. I really like to do clothes but then also like to have a big quilt going.

I have a quilt in the Houston show this year. I am really excited about that, and have been giving some thought to attending the show. However, getting a hotel room at this late date is nearly impossible. Especially with all the people they have brought to the city from the Hurricaine. So, guess I will have to pass this year. It's a shame because I have been trying to get a quilt in for several years now.

The weather in Lexington, Ky. is just beautiful for the moment. I have been taking advantage of it by fabric painting in my backyard. Trying some new techniques. Interesting!!! Must make hay while I can .

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