Thursday, September 22, 2005

Third Ugliest Car on the market!!!!!

Honest to God, this is what it is called. It is a Toyota Scion. Gets really good gas milage and drives so smoothly. Actually, my husband was the one that wanted it, and he drives it every day, so I haven't had much time to drive it yet.

My Butterfly quilt is finished. As usual I am a little lost when I finish a big quilt, although I have several other small quilts and etc I am working on or thinking about. Our State guild is having a card swap, and want to play with some ideas for that.

But FIRST I must clean my sewing room. Otherwise I will never be able to find what I need to start something new. I noticed in viewing other peoples sewing blogs that ever so often they also need to clean house. So guess it is that time!!!

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